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Complete Protasis
Sklavou Eleni - Civil Engineer
Technical Office - Design - Design - Construction - Decoration - Gate


The technical office "Protasis" was founded in 2002, by Eleni Sklavou, a graduate Civil Engineer, in Athens. In 2008 the headquarters was moved to Pylos, Messinia.
Our design values ​​and our constructive consciousness are a challenge for us so that all our works have their own personality, emphasizing functionality and aesthetics with clean lines and forms.
We combine detailed design with construction experience, a combination that leads to a separate process and a final proposal, so that each of our works has its own story based on our customer satisfaction.
We undertake and provide comprehensive proposals for various types of projects, such as homes, health stores, retail, offices, maintenance and restoration of buildings, hotels, renovations, etc.
The office cooperates with well-trained and experienced engineers of all specialties, such as surveyors, engineers, so that our studies are complete with the required specifications.
After the design and licensing phase of each project, perhaps the most important part of the overall process for its implementation follows. It consists of a lot of work and people working together for the desired result, which requires proper planning and specialized knowledge of the construction activity.

We undertake:
  • Preparation of studies and issuance of building permits
  • Supervision - Construction
  • Interior and exterior renovation
  • Interior design
  • Architectural photorealistic illustration
  • Arbitrary adjustment - Engineer certification
  • Saving at home
  • Energy Performance Certificate

    We achieve excellent constructions and the best possible result with constant supervision, taking care of the correct layout, ergonomics and the full exploitation of all indoor and outdoor spaces, delivering the work "turnkey".
    With the constant information about the new data of the new trends and materials, as well as the search and organization of the most suitable workshops, partners and suppliers, together with the general supervision of the project, we ensure the faster and more efficient achievement of our goal.
    Already in the area of ​​Pylos, we are active throughout the prefecture of Messinia. In our area there is interest from foreigners mainly from Europe but also America who buy fields that are even and buildable and build either for investment or for home use.
    In recent years, the renovations of houses, hotel units and shops of health interest, with study and design of photorealism are in the first stage of the turnover. Arbitrary settlements, energy certificates and building permits follow.